Depression isn’t always clear cut. It’s not just about overwhelming sadness and loss of pleasure in things you used to enjoy. Here are some of the less obvious signs of depression:

1. Being angrier than usual

You may be normally easy-going, but if you find yourself driving more angrily, or snapping at your family, you may be struggling with depression. Grumpy, irritable behaviour can often be a sign of depression, rather than feeling sad, hopeless or empty.

2. Saying sorry a lot

If you are depressed, you may find yourself apologising a lot more than normal. You feel responsible – and guilty – for the effect you’re having on other people, yet you can’t seem to lift your own mood. You find yourself going over and over the things you did wrong, and criticising yourself very harshly.

3. Your body hurts more

When you are sliding into a depression, one of the warning signs is that all your aches and pains get worse. You feel the pain more. There is growing evidence that pain and depression share a common neural pathway.

4. Feeling paralysed about decisions

Not being able to make up your mind – from simple things like what to have for dinner, or more complex and important decisions like ‘Should I say yes to this job offer?’ – is another subtle sign of depression. Depression makes it hard to focus. It’s hard to stay in the moment. You may find you’ve gone from being someone who is good at snap decisions, to changing your mind multiple times, and constantly doubting yourself. If any of these signs are beginning to bother you, it’s a good time to talk to a psychologist who can give you positive strategies and help you navigate your way back to health.

Dany Fullagar